Mandatory Arbitration in India

Mandatory Arbitration in India by Target Publications is an unabridged edition of a law reference book. It elaborates upon and critically analyses the ambit of mandatory arbitration law in India. Compilation of this refined handbook is an endeavor to help law aspirants understand the domain of arbitration when it comes to the Indian legal system.

The salient features of Mandatory Arbitration in India are as follows:

1. A clear distinction of this book into three sections under the gambit of Mandatory Arbitration is formulated to help readers acquaint themselves with the scope of the same.
2. All three sections in the book begin with an in-depth introduction of the following topics:
      - Scope of Mandatory arbitration in India
      - Arbitrability of Fraud in India
      - Bilateral Arbitration Treaties: A Doctrinal Analysis
3. Chapters enlisted in the respective sections, expand upon certain attributes of arbitration, which are as follows:
      - Origin, history and development
      - Background of the laws in India, United States, U.K and E.U
      - Detailed description of various fields of law under the umbrella of Mandatory Arbitration 
      - In-depth critical analysis of all three aspects of arbitration laws
      - Various legislative remedies and reformative measures and the elaboration of the same
      - Approaches of various countries towards the sphere of arbitration are expanded upon herein
4. The book concludes with an extensive Biblography for each section which cites sources in varied formats for further reference of readers. The formats are as follows:
      - Case Studies
      - Books 
      - Legislation
      - Newspapers, Articles & Journals
      - Web Sources
The content of this reference book is credited to Advocate Samrat Thakker, Advocate Sahil Salvi and Advocate Dhruv Toliya. It is a collective result of their erudite, legal insights, as well as, expertise in their respective spheres of law practice.
Target Publications has ensured that this book comes across as a tailor-made reference book not just for Law aspirants but also for those inquisitive minds who wish to know more about the nuances of Mandatory Arbitration law in India.

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